Specific Book and Series Questions


THE UNLEASHING is absolutely NOT a rewrite of Hunting Season. It’s a brand new story with brand new characters, location, and hero and heroine. The only thing similar between the two series are the Nordic gods and the Clan mythology I created (the Crows, the Ravens).

Will you continue the Magnus Pack or The Gathering series?

Not at this time. Although I do hope to continue these two series in the future, I have no idea when in the future that will be.

Will you continue the Long Island Coven series?

I plan to; I just haven’t gotten an appropriate antho yet. When I do, I at least plan to write about Jamie Meacham’s cousin, Mac.

Will there be more books in the Dragon Kin series?

The Dragon Kin series (Books #1-9) has been completed. BUT the ending was left open-ended so that I can return to it with a new series at a later time. I also have a new fantasy series coming out in September 2019 that will be based in the same world as the Dragon Kin series, and I hope to have the characters from the two series cross paths at some point. When I do start a new series involving my dragons, it will be under a new series name (I’m thinking “Dragon Kin 2: Sword & Sorcery Boogaloo.” I’m just kidding. I won’t call the new series that, but someone gave me that name and I loved it).

Will there be more books in the Pride series?

There already have been. The Honey Badger Chronicles (Book 1 is available now and Book 2 will be out March 26, 2019) takes place in the Pride world and involves many of the characters from the Pride series. After nine books, the series needed some new blood and a new series title to keep it going. At least for me.

Will there be more of the Call of Crows series?

That series is currently on hold while I get into my Honey Badger and Aiken series. I hope to get back to it at a later time.

Will Brastias and Morfyd get their own book?

Morfyd and Brastias’ story has and will continue to play out through the current Dragon Kin series. There is no plan for this couple to get their own book.

Are Mace’s sister Missy and Brendon’s sister Marissa going to get their own books?

There are no plans for either character to get her own book.

Are the remainder of the Reed Boys getting their own books?

Not at this time.

Is MAGNUS HEAT a separate book from your Magnus Pack series?

No. MAGNUS HEAT was the first print version of PACK CHALLENGE and GO FETCH by the now defunct publisher Triskelion. For the Samhain Publishing re-release, the books were once again separated into their own editions and PACK CHALLENGE was expanded by 5000 words.

Will Sara and Zach ever have kids?

No. Sara and Zach will not have kids. They both were sterilized and had very good doctors to ensure the procedures were complete and irreversible.

Will you ever write the story of Miki giving birth?

I have no plans to write about Miki giving birth.

Why have you written the Dragon Kin series “out of order”?

There is no specific order to my Dragon Kin series in terms of which character gets what story when. I’ve simply been writing the series as it flows for me.

Is Eggie Ray Smith the cousin or brother of Bubba Ray Smith?

Well, it depends which book you read. Of course, it shouldn’t depend on that, but it does. When I first mentioned Eggie in THE BEAST IN HIM, Pride #2, he was the feared cousin to Bubba Ray. But for some reason, after that, my mind made him the brother of Bubba Ray. I don’t know when this happened or why but there you go. So when I worked on THE MANE ATTRACTION, Pride #3, Eggie had become one of the Smithtown Smith brothers. I didn’t realize my mistake until I started on Eggie’s story for the HOWL FOR IT anthology and I just didn’t want to change him back into a cousin. In my mind he was a brother and that’s how he will stay.

General Book Questions

How come the e-version of some of your books doesn’t come out the same time as your print versions? Or in the format I want?

Like most authors, I don’t have control over release dates or which versions are released when, or if they’re released in ebook at all.

Do you have a family tree for your series?

Not yet, but I’m working on it. Don’t know if they’ll actually end up in my books, but I’ll have them on my site once I’m done. In the meantime, check out my Pride World Connections and Dragon Kin Glossary pages.

I have my own family tree for your series. Can I send it to you?

No. But thanks.

Which of your books are IR or Multicultural?

My IR/Multicultural novels are: Pack Challenge, Go Fetch!, Here Kitty Kitty, Beast in Him, The Mane Squeeze, Beast Behaving Badly, Bite Me, Hunting Season, The Unleashing, About a Dragon, How to Drive a Dragon Crazy, Hot and Badgered, and the soon-to-be-released In a Badger Way. My IR novellas are: “My Kind of Town” (in Sun, Sand, Sex) and “The Wolf, The Witch, And Her Lack of Wardrobe” (in Belong to the Night).

I have questions to ask about the future of different characters. Will you answer them?

No. Mostly because I don’t know what I’m going to do with certain characters until I start writing the story. Besides, what’s the point of reading the book if I’m just going to tell you what happens to all the characters?

I am not happy with the direction you took with some of your characters. Can you explain why you did that?

Writing is a very personal and solitary job, and where I take characters is something that flows from the moment. So explaining decisions I made months or years later after I’ve finished a book is not something I’m able to do. Just understand that I don’t release a book to my editor unless I’m completely comfortable and happy with the direction I take with the characters and the storyline.

Do your books have to be read in order?

No, they don’t. However, I’d suggest you try to read them in order if you can. Especially my Dragon Kin series, which has a lot of players and a lot of dragon-human politics as the story advances. Plus, some of the humor comes from understanding the relationships of different individuals. This goes for all my series, though. To help, I’ve created a Series List page that has the order for all my books. And you can find even more detailed information on the reading order of the Dragon Kin series here.

Will some of the minor characters in your stories get their own stories and if yes, when?

I often don’t know which characters I’m going to write about until I actually start writing. And although I may enjoy a minor character’s presence in a book or two it doesn’t mean I’ll enjoy weaving a whole novel around them. And if I do decide to turn someone into a hero or heroine, I’m not sure when that would be.

General Questions

Do you control your covers?

No, I don’t.

Do you blog, Twitter, Facebook?

To the surprise of everyone who knows me even a little, I finally broke down and set up two Facebook pages. One for Shelly Laurenston and one for G.A. Aiken. As for blogging and Twitter…no. Just no. I can’t. My life is a Festival of Stress as it is (mostly self-imposed, but still…), so I plan to keep a big distance from blogs and Twitter.

Do you have any writing suggestions or tips?

Yes, I do: Pick up a copy of Stephen King’s On Writing. Read it.

What if I send you a bunch of questions about writing?

I won’t answer them. I honestly don’t have the time, plus I just write. Some days it’s easy, some days it’s a nightmare. I don’t have any brilliant writing scheme that I’m holding onto. I just write and hope for the best. You’re much better off reading On Writing. Mr. King provides really great tips and he does it much more eloquently than I ever could.

You really pissed me off. Can I write and tell you about it?

Of course! Just don’t expect me to respond.

Do you send out signed photos?

No. Since I have no intention of going into acting, I have no need for headshots to send out, signed or otherwise.

Can I suggest breeds I’d like to see in your books or story ideas?

Please don’t. My poor brain is cluttered enough and any story ideas I get I will immediately delete for legal reasons with no reply.

Can I send you some of my writing or my manuscript and get your opinion?

Again, please don’t. I can’t and will not accept any author’s unpublished manuscripts or samples of his or her writing. Legally, it’s just asking for trouble and it’ll make my agent and publishers lose their ever lovin’ minds. Again, any materials sent to me will be automatically deleted with no reply.

Can you tell me how to get published?

Every author’s path to publication is different. For good, general info, I’d suggest joining a writer’s organization like the Authors Guild. Good luck!

How do I get updates on your latest books and upcoming releases?

Sign up for my newsletter at the bottom of the page!

I see that THE MANE EVENT and BELONG TO THE NIGHT are out in mass market paperback. Are there any plans to release your other trade paperback books in that format as well?

I have no idea if my other trade paperbacks will be released in mass market. That’s up to my publisher and I’m sure has a lot to do with financial considerations I know nothing about.




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