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Kensington has created this fun honey badger themed trailer for HOT AND BADGERED. Check it out on YouTube.

Interviews with Jessie Potts at USA Today’s Happily Ever After and another with Adrian Liang of the Amazon Book Review.

Please note, in one of the interviews I mentioned above, I said something about “finishing” my Crows series. What I specifically meant was that I’d finished the three-book deal I had with Kensington. I did NOT mean that I was done with the Crows. I love them too much. At this moment, though, I’m busy with my Badgers and my upcoming fantasy series that I haven’t started yet.

HOT AND BADGERED (The Honey Badger Chronicles #1) hit #40 on the USA Today Best Sellers List. Thanks everyone who helped make that possible!

HOT AND BADGERED (The Honey Badger Chronicles #1) is now available in trade paperback, ebook and audio.

Signed a deal with Kensington for a new G.A. Aiken series. I’m taking a little break from my dragons, BUT this series is based in my Dragon Kin fantasy world. Although this part of the world doesn’t have dragons. They think they’re a myth. At some point, I’m sure they’ll find out they are VERY wrong. Until then, they have a queen they need to find and crown. And that queen is currently The Farmer’s Daughter, which is what I have named the series. There’s just one twist to my new series: The clan of warriors sent to retrieve the unknowing future queen are centaurs. And I’m going to have some real fun with them.

HOT AND BADGERED (The Honey Badger Chronicles #1) is a RT Book Reviews 4.5 Stars-Top Pick.

HOT AND BADGERED (The Honey Badger Chronicles #1) was selected by Book Page as one of their most anticipated romances of 2018. As they said: “There are two kinds of people in this world: People who will admit to being interested in a romance novel starring a honey badger shape-shifter, and liars. “

I will be the Keynote Speaker for RWA National 2018 in Denver. Eeek! More info to follow.

Tantor (audio publisher) will be picking up EVERLASTING BAD BOYS and HOWL FOR IT. Release dates to come.

BRING THE HEAT (Dragon Kin #9) is now available in mass market paperback, ebook and audiobook.


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